Costa Rica is the Best Dental Tourism Destination for Dental Implants

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Costa Rica isn’t the only country that offers dental tourism. But it has gained a reputation for being one of the best. Countries like India offer lower costs. Mexico has the advantage of being closer to the USA.

Costa Rica offers several advantages that make it an excellent choice for dental tourists.

  1. Costa Rica enjoys a close proximity to the United States. Depending on where you are, you can arrive in Costa Rica on a direct flight from most major cities from New York to Los Angeles and just about every major city in between. Most major American cities offer daily flights to Costa Rica, making it incredibly convenient for travel planning.
  2. You do not need a visa to get dental care in Costa Rica. All you need is a passport that’s valid for at least 6 months. American and Canadian tourists are welcome with open arms. While your dental care may take up the majority of your time, you’ll likely have some days off that you can enjoy seeing the sights, going to the rainforest, cloud forest or beaches. After all, Costa Rica is a popular international tourist destination and one of the safest vacation spots in the world.
  3. Due to decades of investment, infrastructure, education, training, and experience with foreigners, Costa Rican dentists have world-class knowledge about materials and dental techniques. You’ll feel right at home in its spotless clinics that are beautifully furnished and equipped with the latest dental technology. In fact, Global Clinic Rating indicates that Costa Rica has one of the top ten best dental clinics in the world. Goodness Dental located in Escazu is ranked as the #6 dental clinic in the world…making it the only clinic in all of the Americas to make the top ten best dental clinic’s list.

Quality of Care will Make Your Dental Trip Worthwhile

  1. Costa Rica offers low prices for dental care. Many dental tourists consider Mexico to have the best prices for dental care. In fact, while prices for dental procedures have continued to rise in Mexico, prices in Costa Rica have remained stable. Prices at the top clinics in Costa Rica are often less than the prices for the best dental clinics in Mexico.
  2. The Costa Rican people are naturally warm and welcoming. This results in kind and personalized service, dental or otherwise. Not only will your dentist treat you like a person instead of a number, but every member of the staff will work to make your trip to the dentist the best you’ve ever had. This is what makes Costa Rica dental tourism truly special.

Is Spanish Necessary when you Travel in Costa Rica?

You might think that those factors make Costa Rica sound attractive, but there is still one concern: you don’t speak any Spanish.

Don’t worry. As with most countries that deal with foreign tourists, Costa Rican hotels, restaurants and dental clinics have staff that speak English. Your dentist will definitely speak English, which will allow you to ask any question you may have about your procedure in your own language and get all the answers you need to feel assured.

Dental Tourism Savings on Fixed Price Dental Packages

Lastly, Costa Rican dental clinics offer fixed price dental packages that virtually remove the uncertainty about the price. Pricing at the best clinics in Costa Rica is transparent. Just for a comparison, call an American dental clinic and obtain an estimate or approximate price for dental implants. You’ll be hard pressed to get it. In Costa Rica, most clinics will provide you with a pricing sheet to help you compare pricing.

Costa Rica is a smart choice to get the dental implants you need. Discover what so many dental tourism patients have discovered. There is no better place in the world for affordable, high-quality dental care.

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