How Much Are Dental Implants in Costa Rica?

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Dental implants in the USA and Canada can be quite expensive. As a result, Americans who want or need the procedure are coming to Costa Rica where high-quality dental work is available at affordable prices. Some of them simply can’t afford dental implants at home while others follow the popular wisdom of saving money while visiting an amazing and popular international vacation destination.

A dental implant in Costa Rica will cost from $800 to $1,000 US dollars. Obviously, this is an approximation and the actual cost will be based on your specific needs, the materials used, the number of dental implants, any additional dental work needed, and the specific dentist that will perform your procedure.

By contrast, a dental implant in the US costs from between $2,000 to $3,000 US dollars. In addition to the factors already mentioned, the cost of a dental implant in the US will vary even more depending on your location. Dentists in cities with a high costs of living, like New York City for example, will charge even more. Some cities market dental implants from $3000 to $5000 each.

However, there is a difference in how prices are handled in each country. Dentists in Costa Rica may ask you to take a test or two while you’re still at home and then offer you a fixed price on your dental work, typically with a fixed package of services. Dentists in the US will more typically give you only a rough estimate and you will discover the actual charges after the procedure is complete. As you can imagine, this level of uncertainty can be another reason why Americans are traveling to Costa Rica for dental implants.

Despite what some people think, the lower price of dental implants doesn’t mean that the quality of the service isn’t excellent. On the contrary, dental clinics in Costa Rica use the same materials and equipment that you will find at home. What’s more, Costa Rican dentists have the same training and expertise that their American counterparts have and they speak fluent English, including dental terms and vocabulary. You’ll be able to ask questions and will understand any instructions the dentist may have for you in your own language.

Dental implants in Costa Rica is a wise decision that you will be glad you made for the rest of your life. Hundreds of thousands of patients have received implants in Costa Rica and have saved fifty percent or more when compared to rates for the same dental implants in the USA.  Come to Costa Rica for the dental care and stay because you won’t want to leave!

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