Is it Safe to Receive Dental Implants in Costa Rica?

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When selecting the right clinic to trust with your dental implants, cost is a major factor. Some patients make the common error of making the price the most important factor in their decision-making process. However, while the price of dental care is important, it’s not nearly as important as quality, which many patients overlook. Quality is critical when you’re considering a dental solution that is both a major investment and expected to last a lifetime. Quality may be even more important if you’re going abroad for dental care.

Costa Rica is one of the Safest Countries in Latin America

“Yes,” it is safe to receive dental implants in Costa Rica. First of all, Costa Rica is one of the safest countries on the American continent. It’s so safe, that it’s known as the Switzerland of Central America. This lush, tropical country receives about three million tourists each year with very little violent crime. When it comes to dental tourism, the number dental tourists is increasing year over year. It is now estimated that more than 15,000 American dental patients arrive in Costa Rica every year. They come for the express purpose of receiving dental care from the nation’s leading dental tourism clinics.

Why do American patients choose Costa Rica for dental care? It’s a virtuous cycle. Costa Rica’s economy has grown from the investment in modern dental equipment, training, and English studies. This brings in more dental tourists. With the increasing umber of dental tourists, local clinics invest in even better equipment and training. Dental tourists return home and recommend their experiences to their friends and relatives. This starts the cycle again.

High Quality Materials, Technology and Training

The leading dental tourism clinics in Costa Rica have the same technology, materials, and training as the top dental clinics in the USA. In fact, the equipment and materials are imported from the USA. You will find the same brands like Zimmer, Nobel Biocare, and Straumann dental implants in Costa Rica. Costa Rican dentists have been trained in advanced techniques and procedures. And, they have worked with foreign patients long enough to know their preferences. The best dental tourism clinics have staff that are fluent in English and offer concierge-level service that anticipates the diverse needs of their patients.

Finally, Costa Rican service is top notch. Authorities enforce regulations and standards of the dental industry. Staff and specialists offer warmth and personal treatment. You can come to Costa Rica, get your dental implants, and even enjoy a bit of a vacation in this beautiful country. You might love it so much that you don’t want to return home. Many patients have done just that, and now call Costa Rica “home.”

No matter what dental procedures you may need, Costa Rica is a safe destination. It offers safe, high-quality services that save patients a great deal of money when compared to prices for the same dental care at home.

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