Teeth in a Day

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Teeth-in-a-Day is the name given to a specific treatment with dental implants that claims to complete the entire dental implants procedure in a single day. This promise is very alluring to patients who don’t want to wait for their dental implants to fuse over 4-6 months and want to go back to their life as soon as possible.

However, this procedure is not recommended for most patients.

Why? The dental implants process and the fabrication of a custom set of teeth takes longer than a day, so the term is a misnomer. It starts with an evaluation of the patient, tests which may include a 3D CAT scan and maybe x-rays or blood tests, depending on the patient’s medical and dental history and current health. Then, the design of the process and the implant is done with computer software. This involves adjustments to the implant, including positioning and angle, among other things.

The entire procedure takes longer than one day. But even if the surgery takes only one day, there needs to be some time for the patient to recover, which will depend on the patient’s medical condition. While the fusion of the dental implant to the jawbone is a standard procedure, most dentists will want the fusion to be completed and review the surgical site and healing before moving on to the next phase of the procedure. It is inadvisable to place a final prosthesis on the day of surgery. The surgical site requires time to heal and to reduce swelling prior to placement of any prostheses. If a prosthesis is placed on swollen gums, the prothesis will become loose when the gums heal and the swelling subsides. A loose fitting fixed bridge or denture can cause many problems with eating and speaking.

Teeth in a Day is not for everybody. In fact, the procedure is not recommended for most patients. However, unethical marketers present it in a misleading way. For example, they may claim that traditional procedures are obsolete or outdated, take unnecessary time, or are aimed at trying to make you “buy” steps that they say are unnecessary.

Because we tend to look for instant gratification, this type of advertising is very effective. However, it is recommended that you choose a leading clinic and work with your dentist to determine if Teeth-in-a-Day is an option for you. Your chosen dentist should consider several parameters, such as the quality and quantity of the jawbone and the condition of the remaining teeth, among others. After assessing your unique condition and goals, your dentist will present the best options for you. For most dentists and their patients, Teeth-in-a-Day is not recommended due to the critical need to allow your body the time it needs after dental implant surgery to fully heal and ensure that the implants fuse to your jawbone.

Patients are encouraged to seek solutions that offer the best clinical outcomes. The best care and success rates rarely come from programs that rush critical healing timelines and skip important steps that improve long-term results.

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