Mini Dental Implants

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Mini Implants (Mini Dental Implants)

Mini implants are small implants that are often offered as a solution to make dentures more stable. Websites that promote them often claim that mini implants are a better solution than regular dental implants. They state that they are less invasive, permanent, and cheaper, making them sound very attractive to people who have had problems with unstable dentures. These claims are often misleading and sometimes explicitly false. Mini-implants have a higher failure rate and are not an equal replacement for standard-size dental implants.

The main reason for their failure is that mini implants are sometimes used as a permanent solution, instead of the temporary short-term solution for which they are intended. They are normally used as a temporary part of a traditional dental procedure in some cases where the dentist deems that they are appropriate. They stabilize dentures temporarily while the dentist prepares the next phase of the treatment or waits until another part of the process is finished. Mini implants do not have the strength and resistance needed to tolerate the daily pressure caused by biting and chewing. While they are acceptable as an interim or short-term solution, they often fail when used as a replacement for traditional dental implants.

As a substitute to mini implants, a dentist may insert two regular dental implants to support an unstable denture, typically the lower denture. These implants can attach themselves to the denture and provide the stability that the patient desires. This solution may cost slightly more than mini implants however this procedure is proven by a significant record and high success rates. By comparison, there is very little information regarding the long-term success with mini implants. Patients that choose mini implants should do so with full knowledge of their shortcomings and risks.

If you have issues with your dentures and seek a long-term solution to improve your eating, chewing, speaking and smiling, you should choose a clinic with licensed periodontists and/or maxillofacial surgeons. Only a specialist can evaluate your situation and help you decide what’s the best alternative for your problem. Whatever your decision, it is important to understand that mini implants are not a good long-term solution and do not perform as well as regular dental implants. Mini- implants demonstrate a high level of failure when utilized as a substitute for traditional dental implants.

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