Is Dental Tourism Safe in Costa Rica?

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Each year, more and more American and Canadian patients are traveling to other countries to receive dental implants, dental crowns, veneers and many other cosmetic and restorative dental procedures. However, despite the advantages of dental tourism and the improvement of dental standards abroad, many American patients are hesitant to travel to a foreign country for dental care. Most are scared by a relentless news media that paints many parts of the world unfairly as unsafe or even dangerous. Some people are reluctant to face the uncertainty of traveling to another country and fearful of getting dental treatment from a dentist they have never met before. Traveling for dental care can be scary. But it doesn’t need to be.

While understandable, such fears are mostly unfounded. Dental tourism is not about price alone, but also about quality and service. Because it’s a trend that has been growing for more than two decades, dentists, clinics, and laboratories abroad have been investing in training, equipment, materials, and customer service to meet international standards for quality care. You can expect to see the same type of technology and equipment abroad as you would find back home. In addition, dental clinics, labs, and dentists have adopted the strictest standards in the industry, set by reputable international dental organizations.

Moreover, as with most tourist destinations, governments with a sizeable number of dental tourists have also taken action and have invested in development, infrastructure, and safety. Private institutions, such as hotels and yes, even dental clinics, have trained their staff in English. In fact, it’s a given that any dentist that offers dental implants to foreigners will speak fluent English. You’ll be able to get the answers to any questions you have and get any clarifications you may need until you feel reassured about your procedure.

Obviously, there are always going to be a few cases when things don’t go as planned. These cases, while rare, can cause distrust in dental tourism. However, failures in dental implants are commonly caused by choosing the cheapest or fastest procedure available (or sometimes by not following a dentist’s orders during recovery). As with any health or dental related issue, even if you’re looking at considerable savings in another country, you should not base your decision on the lowest price. With a little research, some good referrals and a few conversations with your chosen clinic, you increase your chances of success and making the best choice for your long-term care.

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