How to Choose the Best Dental Implant Clinic?

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Dental Implant Clinic

Back in the good old days, patients would visit their local dentist for all of their dental needs. Today things are not as simple. Due to many advances in dental care, the industry has become more specialized and more expensive. Depending on the procedure, you may need to see a specialist or perhaps several specialists. With so many needs and questions, it becomes harder for patients to evaluate a dental clinic and to conduct an “apples to apples” comparison. Which dental clinic is best? Are the dental clinics around you good enough? Is the pricing fair? Is it worth traveling to another city or state for a complex dental solution? And why are so many Americans going abroad to get dental care? The sheer number of questions and options can be overwhelming.

Where do I start my search for a dental implant clinic?

The first thing that you have to establish is what your needs are. In the case of missing teeth, the best option is dental implants. Some American dentists will try to sell you on dentures. They focus on dentures because dental implants are expensive in the USA, and most patients cannot afford them. As such, they focus on selling less effective, but affordable solutions like dentures, which are uncomfortable and result on eventual bone loss. If you choose dental implants, you will need a specialist; namely a periodontist or a maxillofacial surgeon, as they are the professionals with the most training and experience to provide successful dental implant procedures. General dentists should not be considered for placing dental implants under any condition.

Due to the rising costs of dental care, price is also a factor. Many dental plans don’t cover the cost of implants and they can be quite expensive. That’s part of the reason why many Americans are looking at countries like Costa Rica or India, where they can get dental implants at half (or even more) off the price they would pay in the US or Canada. While dental tourism abroad involves a plane ticket and a hotel stay, the price difference is significant enough that it often means the difference between treatment abroad or no treatment at all. Through our annual survey, we have determined that most patients seeking an All on 4 dental implants save approximately $20,000 to $40,000 or more by receiving treatment in Costa Rica, even after factoring in expenses from travel and accommodations.

Is dental implant quality important?

Low prices are only a part of a successful dental care equation. The quality of dental care must also be as high as care as it is at home. Fortunately, Costa Rica offers a high quality of dental care, with a strong set of success metrics that demonstrate that Costa Rica is in many ways, offers a higher quality of personal service and care with results on par with their colleagues in the USA. Clinics in Costa Rica have access to the same equipment, materials, and training that American dentists do. Dentists in Costa Rica that place dental implants typically have English speaking dentists and staff. It is recommended that patients seek clinics that offer a written lifetime guarantee for their dental implants. Patients are advised to consider Google reviews and patient testimonials and videos about a specific clinic that you’re considering. There is a vast difference between dental clinics with one hundred or more reviews and clinics with less than ten reviews.

Contact the leading dental clinics in Costa Rica and compare. Good clinics are happy to answer your questions and look at your x-rays. When speaking with the clinic, it’s easy to know quickly if you are working with professionals who understand the patient experience and are able to meet your needs.

To receive a referral to one of the leading dental implants in Costa Rica, please fill out the form on this page. Goodness Dental is one of the most qualified dental clinics on Costa Rica and have proven their ability to meet the diverse dental tourism needs of American and Canadian dental patients.

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