Who Should Place Dental Implants?

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Although dental implants are increasing in popularity, many patients are surprised to know that their local dentist doesn’t offer them. That’s because the procedure requires special knowledge and techniques that need years of study and specialization. This is one reason why dental implants are so expensive in the United States and Canada. Dental implant specialists charge a premium for their services.

In theory, the American Dental Association allows general dentists to perform all legal dental procedures, including dental implants. However, most general dentists will typically not offer them and would refer you to a specialist. As a general rule, you, as a patient, should look for a specialist since it’s a procedure that will last for life.

Choose a periodontist or a maxillofacial surgeon

There are two dental specialists that are highly qualified to perform dental implants: periodontists and maxillofacial surgeons. If the dentist in Costa Rica you are considering is not a periodontist or maxillofacial surgeon, you should keep looking until you find the right clinic that has the specialists required for quality implant placement.

Periodontists study the conditions and diseases of the gums and dental implants. Since dental implants are inserted through the gums, this knowledge is extremely helpful. Periodontists require three extra years of education after dental school, during which they also learn about materials, equipment and techniques specially designed for dental implants, among other things.

Maxillofacial surgeons are dental specialists that study emergency medicine, surgery in the mouth, and anesthesiology. They also specialize in the evaluation of soft and hard tissue in the face and mouth area. In summary, they are highly qualified to perform oral surgery. After dental school, maxillofacial surgeons are required to spend four years in a hospital residency in the surgery area.

Affordable care and highly-trained specialists

Unfortunately, many patients can’t afford a specialist or the procedures involved with dental implants. However, by coming to Costa Rica, you can find dental implants done by specialists that have received the same training and use the same techniques as their American counterparts but at prices you can afford. There are also many clinics that falsely inform patients or mislead them to believe that they are dental implant specialists. We can help.

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